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I just joined this site, the ‘gig’ I posted (a voice over gig with no funny business) is perpetually

suspended. If I try to ‘update’ the gig it just says “your gig has been updated” but it’s still suspended.

It gives no reason for the suspension. At first, it said there was something wrong with the tittle.

It said I wrote the word “voice” to many times in the description. Now it doesnt say that,

it’s just always ‘suspended’ no matter what. Any suggestions?

Click on “Sales”, then on “my Gigs”. If your gig is listed under the suspended heading, then you should be able to activate it.

When you get to the gig, the drop down menu in the box on the right should give you the option to activate (It’s the 2nd option listed). Let me know if this works. :slight_smile: