Suspending Gig Question


Hi fellow fiverrs! How is everyone doing tonight? So I suspended my main article writing gig because I’m always slammed with an influx of orders and I’m preparing to move to a new city in four days. What are the consequences for gig suspension? I just made Level 2 and was a little concerned about losing that status. I do have my virtual assistant gig open though. What are your experiences with gig pausing??


I paused my gig. I didn’t receive any penalty. Now I completed my open gigs before pausing. I can’t imagine you would be penalized for pausing it when you receive to many orders. But Fiverr is tricky about finding out how stuff works.


Yeah, I paused with like 30+ in the queue (some of them batch articles too) I’ve seen other popular writing gigs do it. So we shall see! Thanks for your reply. Yes, fiverr can be a little mysterious… I’m still getting used to it.