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Suspending gigs affect sales? :/


I haven’t been here for very long, so I don’t have a constant influx of buyers unlike some sellers here… but every few weeks I would get a gig or two and I thought it was going at a nice pace, I also checked my analytics often and my views were never less than 80; not huge but i’m certainly happy :slight_smile:

However, I had to suspend all my gigs one day because I had to go out of town, and when I activated them again, my views got very low :frowning: to top that off I haven’t sold a gig in a good while.

Has anyone’s gigs been affected before due to suspending them? I’m kind of scared the next time I have to go out of town now… :confused:


@babawhitesheep, The best thing you can do is Contact the Support Team.

You can Appeal to them and They can give you the Proper Explanation to your query.


Reply to @imcrackerjack: Nonsense! Customer support has nothing to do with your number of views.


In the future, extended the delivery time for all of your gigs. Don’t forget to remove any Extra fast delivery options too. Suspending gigs removes them from the searches which lowers your exposure.