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Suspending my gigs until Fiverr fixes the cancellation system!

Troll buyers are getting away with too much and the sellers are being punished for it. I’m done. Fiverr needs to stop counting cancellations as seller faults when it’s the buyers fault 95% of the time.

That’s a shame that you are suspending your gigs and losing potential orders. :frowning: I don’t think it will be fixed any time soon, and it really isn’t a big deal to cancel orders.

Reply to @alliemadison12: Well, it’s ludicrous how anyone can just buy your gig (after ignoring the notice that says message me first) and then say “oh nevermnind, I wanna cancel” and that puts a tarnish on the sellers rating that tells other buyers to avoid you. it’s 100% anti-seller, and this system has already gotten loads of complaints.

I may not get orders now, but fiverr won’t be making any money off of me either.

Reply to @mischiefmeer: Well in all honesty, it’s a goofy policy you have to demand that buyers message you first. I’m sure there’s a way to re-work your services.

Reply to @alliemadison12: Not really. I have a virtual assistant gig and I ask people to message me to see if their task is doable first. I had someone ignore that and buy the gig, then ask me to fill out a profile with an email address and verify my identity, then give them the login. Isn’t this basically identity theft? I’m not willing to fill out a public profile with my information then just let it go to someone I don’t, so I would have told them not to order the gig.

Reply to @pikko147: That is one of the reasons why I ask potential buyers to send me a message before ordering. Sometimes people just order whatever they feel is right for them, and what they want may be totally illegal or unethical or both! And, when people message me first, I have the option to say no, and as a last resort, if there is a change that they might go ahead regardless of what I say, I suspend my gigs for a few days. My regular legitimate buyers know this, and contact me should my gigs be suspended when they need me. I know that is sad and that it had to come to that, but there is no other way to protect myself.

What annoys me are those who accept the file and then ask for a modification well outside of the scope of the gig - leaving you with an unpaid gig!

Is asking for a buyer to “View [your] Requirements” prior to starting a gig something not available to Level One Sellers? You can layout all that you will and will not do in this notification that is directly supported by fiverr’s system. This seems like a possible solution for fiverr service providers with gig caveats. If you hate what it is the buyer wants you to do, offer a mutual cancellation. It’s never too late to say ,“no”.

Reply to @belgianwriter: And as if on cue, said buyer I mentioned above got all upset I wouldn’t verify my phone number with the account. They rated me down without resolving. I requested they get refunded, but seriously, why can’t we report users for this kind of crap?