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Suspicious about seller

Last Saturday I made an order and a week later, I have not seen any work or signs of progress from the buyer. This is a web design/web development job. The seller has been very bland with their responses and is never detailed. The expected delivery is on next Thursday. I don’t want to lose my money. I feel like this seller may not deliver the job. I have to read over the Fiverr Guidelines for a precise answer, but I want to hear from the community as well. Has anyone cancelled an order out of speculation it might not be delivered? And to be clear about cancellations and refunds, if I were to cancel before the expected delivery date will I get a refund? If I do get my refund, how long will it take to receive it? This web design task I needed done two weeks ago. I went to Fiverr to find someone who can get this done for me. And now I am thinking Fiverr made my situation with this project worse with an untrustworthy seller. Am I over reacting or should I take action before it gets to far?

If the seller is responding, bland or not, it would be poor etiquette and probably overreaction to cancel beforehand deadline. There are also down sides even if your suspicions are right.

One, if you request a cancellation before the deadline, the seller his the right to refuse. Two, if the seller accepts you’ll get your refund as Fiverr credit within a short time, but no way to warn others. Fiverr is just a platform and there are plenty of great sellers at a bargain. If you found a bad one, there is a better option that canceling now.

I realize you said you have a deadline and one major truth on Fiverr (and many places) is that if you need fast and guaranteed, you may need to spend more on a high rated seller with many positive reviews. If you want to do this the ideal way with a seller that sounds like a Gamble, you wait until the deadline. If the seller delivers nothing or asks for more time, you have the choice to wait until the gig is about 2 days late. You’ll then get a notice that the seller is too late and an option to auto-cancel. When you do that, not only do you get your money/credit back, the seller gets an automatic 1 star review.

You also might find this seller is slow and steady and gives you a great delivery in the final hours. If you do have to start again, remember to read descriptions and reviews carefully. You should probably send a message before ordering too, to make sure you get a timely and coherent response. Good luck.

Wow. Very informative! Thank you.

I do sense I may be thinking too soon of this. I was very thorough in giving instructions-to an extent the web developer may not really need a lot of reference to me.

I will certainly keep this advisory in mind.

Exactly this. I use a lot of “canned” responses because I don’t often have time to write everything I want to out. I want to keep up on my work and my family but I have never been late! Hope it works out for you

If I had hired someone to do a big job of website development I would want daily updates on the progress and see no reason a seller can’t do this. It just takes a few minutes.
I always follow my own intuition in matters like this. I would cancel rather than wait in anxiety without any communication. That’s just my opinion.