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Suspicious activity but all ends well...kinda

need recommendation…

So I can’t say im new to fiverr but i havent been active in a while,(and i dont do forums so im sorry if this doesnt flow correctly)
i got stuck on a project and asked a seller if he could help me make something in CSS, I sent him a picture of what i wanted and the guy said he could and sent me a custom order I happily accepted thinking this would solve my issues. several hours go by and he says he is ready for me to review and wants me to do so over teamviewer. I join and the red flags start going up, what he is showing me is nothing like what i asked for and doesnt have any of the functionality that i asked for. he asks me to reexplain what i want and i point him back to the image and find a few links showing basically what i want. again he says he knows what i want and he will make it. A few more hours go by and ive pretty much had it, i dont want to cancel the order cause i dont know if that will do anything to my account and i really cant figure out this CSS (im NOT good with css).
A few hours later I get another message saying to join the teamviewer again so i do and again red flags, its showing some of what i want but it looks nothing like what i sent him as a concept nor does it look like any of the links ive sent him for example material but i know ive seen it while trying to research making it myself. but at this point i know im not going to get what i want so i tell him thats fine. he gives me his phone number over teamviewer and tells me to call him, i remember thats against tos so i make up some bs as to why i cant. he says ok and finalizes the delivery. i am really suspicious at this point so i look over the delivery and notice he hasnt attached his work to the delivery and he tells me to accept the delivery and then he will upload the code. i take a screenshot and i save the message log and accept the delivery thinking im sure i know what happens next and sure enough the moment the delivery is accepted he closes the teamviewer session. a few minutes later i start writing up a report and i get a message from him with the code. I looked it over and sure enough it was ripped straight from one of the sites i had looked at when trying to figure out how to make what i wanted… I’m not a confrontational person, i know i really shouldnt have accepted the order without having him update the delivery with the code and that i really probably should have just cancled the order when i knew i wasnt going to get what i wanted but now that its been a few days im stuck between a rock and a hard place. i dont want my money back, i made those decisions no matter how ill-advised they were but, i dont know if i should still report him for holding back the delivery until after he got his review, it feels almost like if you dont give him a good review you wont get what you ordered and i dont know if that’s the idea. I dont want him banned but i dont want to know that i enabled some guy to scam someone if he ends up scamming someone. I know ill probably be in as hot water as he is if i do report him but i really dont know what to do. like i said, i dont want the money back, but i dont know what to do or if i should even do anything


This seller needs to be banned. He is dishonest in several ways. Report him to customer support please, and also ask for a refund. You will be doing the site a big favor.

His behavior is outrageous.

So he got a good review from you after this? Please tell customer support about this!


I dont know how to do the quotes thing so:

for #1 Ill make the report and upload the teamviewer chat log, I really dont want to get people banned but if you think it is what i should do then i will. I already had one person banned and they messaged my ■■■■■ so much i had to delete it

for #2 yea, I couldnt figure out where i saw it. i even went to the site he pulled the code from and didnt see it and really didnt know if i would get anything if i gave a negative review and i dont know how to change or delete reviews.

Such sellers are better off being banned. By reporting this seller, you will be doing a great service to this person’s prospective buyers as it will prevent them from getting scammed/exploited in the future.


I reported but it wont let me add any details, it pops up asking for me to add info in a text box then when i click on the text box it closes the box and asks me to continue so i just had to report saying they wanted to communicate off fiverr…idk if there is another way to report but the only way i can find is to report single messages.

You could directly contact CS and log a support ticket with them. You can do so at:

You can write a detailed message there. You also have the option to attach relevant files to the support ticket. You can use this feature to attach relevant screenshots of your interactions with the seller.

Good luck! :snowflake:


It also gives decent sellers a better chance of establishing their own career. This would (in a perfect world) one day give rise to a Fiverr where everyone can buy with better confidence.

It this seller has copied and pasted code which they have no right to use to provide you with your delivery, this is a serious case of them infringing someone else’s copyright. This could have got your business in real trouble if you hadn’t realized what your seller was doing.

Don’t feel bad about ending your sellers career. They have already done this all by themselves.


hey i figured out how to use quotes!

yes that is a good point that i did not think of. I was working on writing up the report when you said that so i added that in. if it had not been so blatant and they changed the file up a little i would have thought it was legitimate though it did not do what i needed so i would not have used it anyway. I have a lot to learn still about all of this.

thank you all for your input, i have put in the report thank you Hanshuber16 for the link, i could not find that going through the support pages.


CSS code isn’t usually something that one thinks of being copyrighted. It’s not openly visible unless you look at the code of a site. I’m not sure how code works as far as copyrights, particularly snippets such as CSS which does some standard things depending on which set of code you choose to use.

If you want your webpage to have a certain layout and do certain things you
you put some CSS code at the top to make it do those things. Of course some is more elaborate in how it works so it could be copyright protected but I’m not sure about this.

It’s possible that he had to use the code that was identical on another site just to get the elements of the site the way you wanted it.

Maybe someone could clarify this more.

But this is off topic. The main point is the seller’s actions violated the site’s terms of service, making the site seem less trustworthy.


The CSS code is easily accessible from any browser, but “copying” a CSS stylesheet is not as easy or convenient as it seems.
The directives are strictly tied to the code of the templates of the pages, and in the case of a CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and so on), these templates are generated dinamically by the source code of theme. One can effectively “reuse” very little of a CSS without reusing also the theme, and good luck with dealing/interpreting the logic used by the coder.
The fact remains the seller misbehaved very badly, and the OP was right to report him.


Wow I see many TOS violations

  1. Privacy Identity -
    Any exchange of personal information required for the completion of a service must be provided in the order page

  2. Intellectual Property Claims

  3. Fraud / Unlawful Use

4.The Seller delivers no files and/or proof of work related to the agreed upon order requirements.

  1. The Seller is withholding the final delivery of services for improved ratings.

Report him, he is a virus for fiverr…


I crashed last night so sorry for late reply.

I wanted a decent looking popout sidebar, i found a dozen sidebars and some of them had popout functionality but none of them looked how i wanted (think like android’s popout sidebar) I wanted it to open up on hover and to retract afterwords, i know how to modify elements with the :hover selector however i couldnt for the life of me make it look good or make it look how i wanted. the guy copy pasted the full code from a w3schools “try it yourself” mockup and delivered it as theirs. if they had grabbed it and then added to it what i wanted I could understand that, i have several times grabbed base pages and modified them to test out concepts but whenever i finalize them i always rebuild the page from the ground up. However, that is not what happened, he didnt change anything, he didnt make it “look” like the concept picture I made in photoshop and didnt add the hover functionality that i asked for (but again, i could add that myself) the real “issues” was that it didnt look how i want it to look and frankly i cant figure out how to make it look how i want it to look as a popout.

As this is W3schools i believe their copywrite would be MIT or something along those lines in order to help out new webdevs. It is in the public domain so I dont think it would land anyone in legal trouble if they did rip code right from a “try it yourself” but if he did that with another site then that would definitely have legal repercussions.

Since its not going to tell you who he is i think its okay for me to give more info on what i was looking for and what i got so yea
what i asked for:
what i got:

its almost comical the difference but yea. I wanted it because Im trying to make a multifunction app and i can write javascript but i cant do css so i cant make the app look very good but yea this is kinda OT but thought i would clarify more so you could get an idea of my thinking