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Suspicious Buyer provides no real proof of agreed work to reach 30 million people on social media

I have worked with a few buyers on Fiverr these past few years, however this last one, was terrible.

He was marked as a Level One Seller, however he provided me no link to verify his work or the link that allows me to review the social media links he posted, despite the reassurance that he would provide the links.

I believe there are some scam artist on Fiverr, despite the assurance that there are none, instead just bad deliveries. This belief will make it easier for some bad actors to game the system and take people’s hard earned money.

When you say “suspicious buyer” and “I have worked with a few buyers on Fiverr” and that one was a level 1 seller, are you talking about sellers rather than buyers?

If you bought a service from a seller and they didn’t provide what they said they would in the gig you could ask for a revision so they will. You could also contact CS if you think it’s needed.

It’s common sense no one can provide this service, not even the Kardashians or Steve Jobs.