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Suspicious Buyer that wasn't a Bot

Hi everyone!

So today I had a potential buyer, sending me a message about a 100$ offer that can be finished in 1 Hour. My first thought process was that it was a bot, so I asked it what’s the color of the sky and it answered.
Anyways, the buyer asked me if I can download sky pe to to voice call because it was too hard to explain what it needed via text message. I asked if it had anything to do with writing it said no, then I asked if it’s video production and it said “just call me.” I felt like it was too suspicious, was it good to block them? A buyer who wouldn’t give me any information of what they needed?

It was fine to block them, yes. As per Fiverr’s ToS, all communication needs to be kept within the platform, and if a buyer isn’t able or willing to at least provide basic info about what they want from you, chances are it’s a scammer. There are a lot of those, unfortunately. Usually, they want you to open whatever account for them, sometimes they even want remote control of your PC, …
It’s best to reply briefly to keep your response time up, then block/report.


Yes, block and report them! The fact that they want you to communicate outside of Fiverr is very against the Terms of Service. Got some similar messages myself when first starting out last month. They go away with time. :upside_down_face: