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Suspicious Buyers that request order cancellation


Hello everyone!

This is with regards to situations when suspicious buyers buy the gig, get their delivery and then immediately ask for order cancellation based on various reasons.
I have a Gig selling contact databases in the United Arab Emirates (emails/mobile numbers), with few orders where buyers were happy upon my delivery but with two cancellations so far. First one suspicious buyer bought without contacting & reading what is offered in the gig, then complained, asked for cancellation upon even modified delivery, and removed himself (his account) from Fiverr as soon as he got the order canceled. Now second buyer is trying to say that my database is a ‘scam’ and to get away with it for free (because he is selling sms marketing based on databases).
Please help me understand what to do in these situations? What exactly Decline order cancellation means from the Seller point of view?
How a Seller in this particular type of situation can protect himself?
What to do now with the second order cancellation?..


Sad to hear this from you. for your bad experience …I think you should check the buyer profile first…And You can contact support if the buyer has given you bad review without any reason…


How did you acquire the email list and mobile numbers you’re selling to customers? Did you purchase them?


“The reason is:
Your Gig requires modification - By taking part in selling private contact information, such as phone numbers, email lists, addresses etc., you are promoting spam and potentially participating in illegal activity. Such services are not allowed on our marketplace”.

Fiverr does not allow and is removing such gigs.

Your gigs are likely to be removed at any time.

If you type “email list gig denied” in the search bar above you will find several posts on the subject.

That is where I got the above quote as a reason for a gig being denied.