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Suspicious Early Payout Activity

I have no need for the early payout option and have never intentionally chosen it, though it is available to me. I noticed a payment had cleared quickly and the amount I earned was slightly reduced, and contacted Fiverr.

The response was that I had chosen the early payout option and that this couldn’t be reversed. I explained that I hadn’t, but I’ve been offered no recourse.

The amount I lost isn’t significant but I’m suspicious of it having been taken for a service I didn’t knowingly choose. If I did somehow click the early payout button by mistake, Fiverr have made it FAR too easy for this apparently irreversible request to go through, particularly when it reduces my revenue and increases theirs. It would increase theirs significantly if this ‘mistake’ happened across many or all accounts… right?

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I have that same issue. matter of fact, I have money cleared up to tomorrow which I haven’t done manually. and the money available for withdrawal is way less.

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That is sort of scary - I agree, if you do click on that by mistake (although, you have to really make an effort to click on it) they should have a window that pops up that you need to click again to verify you DO want to continue and the fee that would be applied to your earnings if you choose early payout. I have not used it either, and this would bother me too, if I saw an order that was paid out early, when I did not choose that. Are the earnings from this order in your PayPal or just available for withdrawal now?


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Thanks, glad to know it’s not just me. Still available for withdrawal.

The early payout option is not available for everyone i think