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Suspicious Email II

Has anyone received suspicious emails requesting you to click on a link because they would, “like to discuss something interesting with you”? I sent a message to the Fiverr team, but wanted to see what my fellow Fiverr family says too. Thanks!


Whenever somebody says they would like to discuss something interesting they basically mean: "I want to make the next few days of your life as needlessly difficult and stressful as possible."

Clicking on links without any context is a red flag as far as scams an malware infections are concerned. However, my experience tells me that a lot of the “I need to discuss something interesting” folk are just as likely to be sincere, but be a nightmare to communicate with.

They can’t communicate, have awful business ideas, and to them, it’s hugely important that you come across as hugely interested in their idea as they are. If orders ever materialize, you will also need to give the impression you are working on their project 24/7 because you are so passionate about it.

In short, run.


Lol! Thanks @cyaxrex, I was thinking along the same lines. The only problem is that I’m still trying to sell my first gig and don’t want to be deemed as non-responsive. I do hope Fiverr will be able to assist with this so I don’t get that negative rapport.

Thanks again for your feedback; I’m appreciative. Take care.

If you want to avoid being penalized for not replying, just send:


Sorry, but I wouldn’t be able to help you with this.

Kind Regards

If you have already reported and blocked this person, you can also unblock them and send this message. This is how I deal with all such inquiries and maintain my response time.



That sounds like a great idea, thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The Fiverr team responded and when you flag an email as spam, you will not be penalized. Just wanted to add that as well in case anyone else runs into this same or similar situation.

Prepare a quick response that says something along the lines of:

“Hello. If you’re interested to make a purchase, please provide a following information…” (add a few questions related to the kind of services you provide).

Spam this message back as a response to any inquiry that without explanation requires you to click links and open files.

This way, your response rate is protected and on the off chance that there is a legitimate buyer who is just awkward, you will establish a safe contact. There is no reason a person can’t send you a rough outline of the project in a message if they are a real buyer.

Most likely, they’ll just leave you alone immediately or continue insisting that you click the link. In those cases, just report the message and move on with your day.


It’s a lie! Don’t let them fool you. My response rate is at 98% right now because of a message I could not respond to because Fiverr had identified it as spam. - And the same message from Fiverr said I wouldn’t be penalized. 24-hours later, I was anyway.

I’ll keep that in mind.

What a perfect idea to put off all the nuisance questions I’ve been getting recently. This is something fairly new, to get all these people asking ridiculous questions.

One person wanted me to explain what I was selling since he never heard of it. “what is it? I don’t undestand.” I really hate to ignore people.