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Suspicious emails

HI, I’m new to divert and have a digital download for sale. Got three messages from supposedly different people asking to see a free copy before they buy it. Wording was neat identical in all three emails. When I try to reply that I’ll check with customer service first, all three emails give me a “for privacy reasons this buyer cannot be contacted directly” message. Any thoughts?

? Guessing they were spammers or scammers, and Fiverr has disabled their ability to communicate through the messaging system.

Don’t do it, Margy! What incentive would some crumb bum have to pay you once they have the gig for free? Take care and be careful on fiverr.

Whenever you see that message “for privacy reasons this buyer…” it means that either the member’s account has been suspended or deleted, or their messaging capability has been suspended. This happens for various reasons, but one is for sending spam, which you already know they’ve done!

Please do a forum search about ‘staying safe on Fiverr’, ‘how to avoid being hacked’, ‘suspicious emails’ and similar topics to learn how important it is not to respond to certain types of messages, or open some kinds of files, or click some types of links.

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