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Suspicious Listing

I am Level 1 seller and I am about to become level 2, I am 5 star rated and I have a promoted Gig with a Bid DOUBLE the minimum. The past month+ I have received 0 orders…I got suspicious and asked a friend to search my best seller Gig…and guess…although the above I am listed in the Last Page…I am nowhere even close to the first 3-4 pages of gigs…with gigs worse rated and with very few reviews toping…
One more time…I am Level 1 to Level 2, 5 Star, And paying for Promotion…and After that I am listed in the Last page of the gigs…HOW???


@ball13 gig fist page and last page depends on gig seo, keyword selection,gig title etc try to find

Search Fiverr Algorithm in forum and trust me you will find your answer :wink:

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Doin it ASAP :slight_smile:

yeah but since the launch of the gig i never changed it and always was listing good… so dunno what changed…

“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.”

This can be found here, in the second paragraph.


As you know Fiverr gives all sellers a fair try in gig ranking and getting more sells…
besides that, as you are an lvl1 seller you should have at customers going on:)

If so doing quite a bit of work regularly will make the gig fairly rank…
I would say stay patient I had the same I issue but after a while, I worked it became normal

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Thank you for your response I will be patient and try work on SEO :slight_smile:

Ok… i will just work more on the SEO and the promotion of the Gigs and wait :slight_smile:
Thank you for taking the time to respond! I really appreciate it!!!

But i have an ongoing promotion some time now which doesnt seem to help at all…thats the weird thing…what is the point of promoted gigs then if I am paying for being listed last?

Because Fiverr rotates Gigs to make it fair for everyone.

You want to be working on a platform where you are treated like everyone else, don’t you?

That’s called Gig Rotation.

It gives me a chance to be on Page 1 along with everyone else.

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No question about this I totally agree! But it is a month now and I am using Fiverr’s new feature ‘Promoted Gigs’ …I am paying for promotion and that promotion besides my hardwork to get from zero to 1 has me in the last result page…that is weird to me…why then lose my money with promo while I am also losing 20 percent on every order by default?

Like I said, it is to be fair for everyone.

If I were you, I’d pause the promoted Gig for a while then start it up again in a few weeks.

Just what I would do.


I would also change the title to this post.

It looks like “clickbait” and that’s deceiving.


After all the assets hard work got me it is the first emotion I get…I would say it is a honest title!