Suspicious message - heads up


Earlier today I received this message:

Wsup! I need order service.
I need to do this in a short time.
PLS load this atach.
tomorrow will be ready?

Note that at no point does this person specifically reference the type of service I provide.

They’d attached a ZIP file that didn’t contain any documents, but there was a batch file (.BAT) in it. I didn’t go any further, but I suspect this person was trying to send me malware. Be careful out there folks. Be suspicious of attachments and don’t run anything you’re uncertain of.


Thanks for the warning but the whole message itself looks so suspicious that I wouldn’t open any attachments. It’s very crude and pushy.


For me, a message that just says “How much for this?” with an attachment is completely normal…sadly. My price ($5x1,000 words) is clearly stated, but more people ask than just order, so…


It happened to me few time and the attachments are fine but again it’s good to be careful like you said.


Because of curiosity I would open the file in some text editor.
Simply I like to find some hidden things.


Was that a joke? I’m hoping so. :slight_smile:


NOT a joke. I would open it in some TEXT EDITOR to see the commands in this file.
It’s interesting to me simply. I like to sort the puzzles :slight_smile:
But everybody shouldn’t open it. Of course there is some PROBLEM inside.


I don’t know if that’s a good idea, opening it in a text editor doesn’t guarantee that no code will run when it’s opened. It’s more safe, but not absolutely safe.


Text editor (notepad etc.) doesn’t run any command :slight_smile :slight_smile:
You can open even .exe or .jpg as a text file :slight_smile:


I’d rather not find out. I know that I can, I just wouldn’t. :slight_smile:


It’s a begining of your profile image, looks dangerous from inside :slight_smile:

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Same message came to me with an attachment of zip file…when i tried to download…the warning appears…i instantly click on report button as i felt something is wrong with this…


It is better to be careful in some cases but not in all cases. :slight_smile:


Never open an attached file coming from someone that contact you without giving detailed information.
Also avoid files coming from sendspace website they are 100% malwares.


I had a similar experience last month. I downloaded the file and asked him what he wants. He replied “you’ve been hacked.”

Clearly an amature.

My computer is safe.