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Suspicious Orders (Updated)

I woke up to a flood of suspicious orders. All from different usernames, but none of them provided any of the info I ask for . Several are written in broken English that I can’t understand at all.

Seems strange and I’m tempted to cancel all of them.

jtengle said: Many of them are asking me why I gave them something for free if I was just going to take it away the next day.

I love it!! And Buyers were asking me why I charged them $5 for a FREE Promotion ??? Uh, um, uh, I dunno, um...

Is it possible that Fiverr featured one of your gigs or profile somewhere - perhaps in an email or an advertisement? Depending on what audience it was targeted to, that could explain the broken English.

I’d wait on cancelling - you can always do it later if things don’t ‘line up’.

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice. I suspended my gig until I figure out what’s going on. I get one or two customers that don’t follow instructions, but never 20 at a time. You’d think one of those people would have sent the info I need and not a vague “design me an ad, thanks”.

I’ve seen people on the forum say that competitors would buy their gig just for the purpose of posting negative reviews, so I’m a bit worried.

The same thing happened to me. It appears that one of my gigs was featured somewhere and this brought on the deluge of orders in my case.

jtengle said: I woke up to a flood of suspicious orders.

Me too. No info, no message, nothing.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: It’s strange, isn’t it? Even if we were featured somewhere you would think they’d provide info of some kind. There’s no link to a website, no business name, nothing. Just messages like “design an ad”.

Well, okay, how about I design an ad promoting pet giraffes? I guess I have full creative control with info like that.

All of them are the basic $5 too. It’s very rare for me to get so many orders without a single extra. I’m still paranoid about this.

Reply to @alb8475: When you got your orders did they give you info as to what they wanted?


One of my orders did have a cryptic message (I’m paraphrasing here) saying;

"I see that I can order a free gig from one of the top rated sellers, include yours. I saw you in the Fiverr blog and REALLY REALLY respect you and love your works. It’s my pleasure to receive a voiceover from you."

I’ve had slow buyers before that place orders and don’t send details until later, but this doesn’t seem like that.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Exactly, this just feels off. I wonder if getting a free top rated gig is actually a promotion. That doesn’t sound like something Fiverr would do.


There’s another topic about Fiverr problems…

The screenshot shows “claim your free gig” in bright colors. Maybe a glitch, or Fiverr was testing something that accidentally went live???

Reply to @voiceoverwork: In that case, maybe this issue will resolve itself. Otherwise I’ll have a much higher cancellation ratio.

I’m still getting orders (slowly) … we could get smacked with a bunch of cancellations.

Hope this helps.

It looks like everyone who is experiencing this are top rated sellers. When I logged in today, there was a button at the top of my screen that said I could purchase a free $5.00 gig. When I clicked on it, there was a small list of gigs that I could purchase for free and they were all top rated sellers. There was a business card one that was listed and I really wanted to use my free credit for that one :-/ but it was paused, so I used it to get something else.

My guess is that most of you were listed under the free purchase, but Fiverr never told you about it.

Reply to @jenniferhampton: I didn’t get the button, but I think you’re right. People grabbed freebies quickly and didn’t bother reading the description.

I wish Fiverr had given us a heads up. I paused my gig after 33 orders. That’s already going to be difficult to finish, especially since they’re all due at the same time.

This is not the first time Fiverr has offered a Free Gig promotion, or the first time I’ve been caught up in it. I still have a list of Buyers names, that bought a Free Gig months ago thru a Fiverr promotion. However they didn’t need anything then and still haven’t sent me any details. I expect one day they’ll surface and say, "Hey where’s my voice over? Or worse they’ll cancel.

I’m reluctant to pause my gig. If Fiverr has created a promotion involving a certain group of Sellers, and didn’t think or bother to speak with those Sellers, why should the Sellers be the ones to have to take evasive action? Or be penalized for cancellations?

We get penalized enough for cancellations that are no fault of our own. Why would we have to eat cancellations resulting from a promotion that we were no part of planning or executing?

Someone at Fiverr needs to be accountable for this and making it right for everyone.

Wow, Fiverr was WRONG for that. I do think it’s amazing that you guys were able to get a massive amount of orders in a short period of time, but I think you should have at least gotten a warning about it.

I agree completely, but I’m not optimistic that they’ll be very helpful. Customer support has been very hit and miss for me.

For the orders that won’t provide info, I’m going to send a message to support and ask them to cancel. They got me into this mess, they can get me out of it.

I’m not ungrateful for being featured. The problem is that I ended up with buyers grabbing quick freebies they had no real need for. That’s a recipe for disaster. They’ll either be cancelled or I’ll end up with negative feedback.

Fiverr needs to contact us before doing this sort of thing. I can only handle a certain number of orders per day and I was already pushing my limit.

Reply to @jenniferhampton: warning would have been nice. For me, most of the orders came in while I was sleeping. I would’ve paused my gig earlier if I’d been up and working.

jtengle said: I'm not ungrateful for being featured. The problem is that I ended up with buyers grabbing quick freebies they had no real need for. That's a recipe for disaster. They'll either be cancelled or I'll end up with negative feedback.

No one should be ungrateful for being featured or for being given a helping hand.

However offering something for FREE and allowing the purchase to be passed right thru to the Sellers unknowingly is a recipe for disaster. Most Sellers have delivery dates and need info to actually do the gig. The Buyers just want something for Free.

If Fiverr wants to issue coupons, or IOU's that's fine, but don't pass the Buyer right thru to us with a live sale, leaving us to try to explain the whole thing to a Buyer (which we don't even understand) and ultimately be left bearing all the risk of cancellations or negative feedback.