Swindler on fiverr,need help


I need help.
One man with login - ******* write me in private.
He wants me to erase all my gigs with Christmas!
He is a man ***** ********, and yesterday have been deleted 6 my gig.
He says he is the author of the videohives, but he’s lying. He is the seller of the fiverr, and wipes out all the top gig with Christmas.
Who knows what you can do in this situation.
Please help.


Yes I use videohive templates.
I talked with the videochives authors that they would not complain about me. This man is not the author.
He wants to destroy me, for I was in the top.
Others are using, just me intentionally blocking , what should I do?


He is not a seller. He doesn’t have any gigs or reviews.

He can’t do that. All he can do is report suspicious gigs to Fiverr, with proof, and then Fiverr decides whether to remove the gigs or not.

You can contact Customer Support and show them the proof that you have the right to use VideoHive templates you’re using (for example, that you’re paying the proper license for each and every video you sell, or whatever VideoHive Terms of Service require of those who want to use the templates). Customer Support will then make their decision.


FFFFFuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiii You talked to who? The only way a videohive author would let you use his or her work for profit is if you buy the commercial license for each product each time you sell it. Since your gigs are mostly 5$ it means you are not paying the commercial license each time you use it. If you don’t own the copyright to the product or enough proof that the product is yours, support will ask you to take it down. By selling those product on fiverr you are also breaking videohive rules…


If you have proof, you can send it to Fiverr’s Trust & Safety team.

EDIT: You might also want to take a look at this thread:


he did not allow us anything, I do not even use the projects of this author.
This Indian man it says it is - xfxdesigns from videohive.(But in reality it does not.)
I did not use any project to xfxdesigns.


So you want to say that you spoke to all the authors of the templates you are using, told them that you will be selling the work on fiverr without buying the commercial license and they said it was fine?


with only some.
Not every Author on videohives individual wrote a complaint on me.
Not the authors on the videohive, create complain from me.
This do only one man.
So if I’m starting to write complaints to those using video from videohive.(I delete 70% of the gig in this niche)


They didn’t write complains because they don’t know you are using their work for your own gain without giving them a piece of the meat… I would bet right now if I pic a random template from your collection and contacted the author asking them if they gave you permission they would say NO. You are basically fighting a loosing battle… Here is a link to contact support. https://fiverr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Choose intellectual property claim… Good luck.