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Switch designers mid way?

I’ve paid for a simple logo design made and provided a nearly 100% example of what I need with exception to 1 text change and date change and the designer cannot duplicate the example. At this point it’s embarrassing. Items of center, text closer to one edge of the design, fonts not matching, terrible symmetry, some letters bold some are not and a slew of misaligned items. All issues deriving from the artist’s inability to visualize. What are my options at this point?

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I’d cancel.

Find another logo designer who listens to you.

@eatmorepizza23 Sorry to hear that, Being A designer I can understand your feelings when you don’t get the requirement or the seller doesn’t match your expectations but don’t worry Fiverr has your back your money is always saved when you are the right.

I’m with Mr Ink here as if what you describe is correct, this is not a designer at all but some0one pretending they can do graphics.

I would advise spending more as sadly most of the sellers offering stupidly low costs have matching, stupidly low ability, despite what they say on their sales spiel - or even the reviews. Look for a seller who shows real work - not templates they scavenged off the internet. Talk to them first, show the work and see how centered their responses are.


There is a huge scam going on since march at least in the illustrator section of this site. Maybe you fell victim to this to. Cancel and if they fight, cancel again and then report them for not having the basic skills their page tells they should have or shows.

In the illustration section each page has 48 or there about images of profiles showing up. I tested this week one page of recent date. And 12 of them where clearly scammers that used the exact same tactic, that is on one page. They use seemingly good english but use the word sir or mam a lot even if they are from the ‘USA’, ‘Russia’. So they use vpn’s i conversed with two and it was clear they couldnt speak the language (in the example one was from netherlands and didnt understand one word of dutch) and where to lazy to use google translate.

Furthermore i can 100% sure say they are scammers because of one thing. They take images from famous artists most of us never heard about then MIRROR them so google search cannot find them.
So they actively try to SCAM you.

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