Switch payout methods


I loath paypal. I already have a payoneer card, which i hear we can opt for. How do i connect the accounts? There needs to be a strictly Q andA forum, lol.Thanx!


Isn’t there a link on the Revenues page to link your Payoneer card? If not, isn’t there a link to add an account to your Payoneer within your Payoneer account? I have about 4 different sites that I have had to link to Payoneer.

Since the link leads to you “applying” for a Payoneer card and you already have one, I am thinking all you need to do is link your existing Payoneer account with Fiverr…unless Fiver has its own card ( I see when I click the link about the Fiverr card it shows a card that doesn’t look like the Payoneer card I have, it has the Fiverr name on it… ) and you have to go through the process of applying for it.

Ok, I went and looked at my Payoneer account, and it would seem I cannot add Fiverr, so I am going to guess you do have to apply for the card to get it linked.

There was a thread on here ( I tried to find it but couldn’t ) from the owner of Payoneer. His name is Nissam and he has always been helpful on other forums I am on where we get paid via Payoneer. Either follow the link and apply for the card and perhaps that’s how it would be linked or you can send CS a note, but, they may take some time getting back to you.



Thanks for considering Payoneer as a payout solution for your Fiverr account :slight_smile:

Currently the option to automatically link your Fiverr account to an existing Payoneer card is not available. You can still link your Fiverr account to your existing Payoneer card, but it is a slightly different process.

You’ll need to submit a new card application via Fiverr. Once you do, and it is reviewed, you will receive an e-mail with a link that you can use to merge your new application with your already existing account. There is no cost involved in doing this, and you will not receive a new card/account.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


What is the process to link your Fiverr account to your existing Payoneer card? I have about 4 other websites linked to my Payoneer now, and it was just an auto click thing on those sites. I am using the PayPal option for now, but, if in the future I wanted to get my funds via Payoneer, it would be good to know how to link an existing card.

Also, I wish it were only a buck to have funds transferred on the other sites I work! It’s $2 for a 2 day funding and $5 for 2 hour funding! LOL


Reply to @genuineguidance: You’ll need to submit a new card application via Fiverr. Once we receive it and review it, we will send you an e-mail with a link you can use to merge the pending application with your existing Payoneer card. This is because the automated option is not setup currently with Fiverr.