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"Switch to Buying" Bug

Hey everyone,
not sure if I’m the only one dealing with this super irritating bug, but whenever I click on “Switch to Buying”, it directs me back to my seller dashboard, even if I click on it while I am on an order page, in my messages, on my profile, etc. It just keeps directing me to the Dashboard and if I click on it too often, there’s 2 different Captcha sites I need to fill out to confirm I’m a human - A really annoyed human at that.

This literally stops me from searching for / looking at gigs or ordering anything. Can someone confirm they’re experiencing the same or is this maybe an issue on my end?

I’ve already opened a CS ticket about this, but I know they’re taking some time to respond these days so I thought I might ask here.

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I just tested and it worked fine for me. I switched it back and forth a few times and I didn’t notice any glitches.

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Thanks for checking, I guess it might just be me then, I’ve been having this issue for a good 2 weeks by now.

What if you try a direct link? Because all that does is append a parameter to display your ‘buyer’ profile. Try this:

Still directly sends me to my Dashboard :confused:

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