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Sync Problem with order delivery


I recently completed an order and submitted to the buyer, currently waiting for revisions. Fiverr was open on my desktop and laptop. I hit the refresh button on my laptop and my order was marked as late. Mind you I had already delivered the day before and received a response from the buyer. I then go back to the desktop and the file is marked late there as well. This is the second time that this has happened. The first…different countdown times on each computer. How can this issue be rectified? Also, if a person is sending messages to you overnight and you are clearly sleeping why does that effect the response rate?


I rarely get requests for revisions but once or twice had them and saw that the order was marked late so I resent the order, although in my case they were just asking a question by hitting the revision button.

So they will be marked late but all you can do is complete the revision as fast as possible and deliver it.

Regarding the response rate, you have 24 hours to respond so hopefully you are awake during that 24 hour period and can check your messages and reply to them.