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System Error while making payment

Hi to all user here in this forum anyone experienced order getting rejected due to technical issues?

Was ordering a gig for a website development of mine and was ready to make payment.I type in my card number and eveything seems good when i pressed the order button the system rejected my payment so my initial reaction was to try again but got rejected again.

Noticing something was not right i check my bank account balance and discovered that a total of 315.80 USD (229.70 SGD) was begin processed by my bank but there was no order as seems i did not order anything at all.
I was suppose to make a one time payment of 150USD for a gig but due to the system error i got charged twice

I contacted my bank and was told the payment was still on hold.Contacted fiverr and they say they have not received any payment at all

So Due to this technical error of fiverr i have lost precious time awaiting their slow respone and needs to get my website up on time

Any advice would be good

Hi similar issue today. So what happened to your money and your order?