System errors with late deliveries and completion rates


Hopefully fiverr’s IT department can come up with a solution for the following problem:

I get a lot of clients who don’t order correctly (not following instructions). I asked them to modify the order and took them days to answer, while this happened, I could see a modification request label next to the order, then I would visit the order and see that the order was late due to the client not answering on time. I thought to myself “that’s OK, fiverr probably knows that this order is under modification request and won’t penalize me for it”. Well, it turns out it doesn’t…and it actually penalized me for it and now I’m at 75% on my deliveries grid, which means I will likely get downgraded from Top Seller.

Let me explain this in another way: You translate 1000 words for $5 in 3 days. A client pays $5 and gives you a document which has 100, 000 words. You ask the client to accept a modification so that he has to pay $500 and extend the delivery date to 3 weeks. The client takes 5 days to answer the request and he decides to cancel, fiverr marks it as a late order and cancelled order which affects both completion rates, and late delivery rates.

Another feature I have always been looking forward but is not here yet is: My gig is 500 words per $5 for 2 day delivery, so if the client orders $50 for 5000, theoretically it should be more than 2 days delivery but the system does not automatically update accordingly so you have to ask for a modification in the form of an extension, but again, if the client takes too long to answer then you get a late delivery.

I also get a lot of people who order my gig and then they tell me “Sorry, could you cancel? I ordered by mistake” BAM completion rates affected.

Support has told me there’s nothing they can do about the above problems as these are “automatic”

So with all of these design errors the system is going to demote a lot of top sellers including me, is that also going to be “automatic” without appeal? Because that’s an erroneous system right there.


We need to have Accept order or decline order button just like envato studio have. I wish we could have this button so we can see which job is good for us and which one is not so we can easy decline it without affecting us. With these buttons we won’t have also cancelations by mistake etc.


must have feature or can be compensate by ‘mutual cancel’ not affect the ‘Order completed’ rating.


Yes i face this problem to but then i write in my gig description that " please discuss the project before placing order to avoid unnecessary cancellation " i also highlight that so my customers can see from that point clients contact me first and then place order if we agree ,resulting in more happy clients :slight_smile:

As i provide web development services its really necessary to understand clients need first before they place order

hope this helps

Shubham Dahale


Yes i agree with you.


Yes, I also mention that in my gig but, for instance, yesterday I wrote to support to complain about this and they told me the only thing they could do is to cancel the order if the client was unresponsive, so I told them I was exactly in that situation with a current order and that I was going to send them a message this morning if the client was unresponsive. The client was a recurrent client, and he simply paid the most basic gig and said “I don’t know if this is enough, let me know how much it is going to be, blah blah blah”, so I asked him to modify the order, he was unresponsive this morning so I wrote support, and support hasn’t answered so BAM! another late order… :frowning:


just deliver order and tell them that you’ll continue to work untill their work is complete if they are unresponsive
and ask them to send message instead of pressing ask for modification tell them truth that it will cost late delivery to you and continue discussion as message and complete your buyers work