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System in fiverr

Hello is there a system or program in fiverr to follow to increase your level in seller mode

If all of your bars are green on your Analytics page, you could be promoted to a higher level on the 15th of every month. If you bars are not all green, you will be demoted (unless you have no current level, in which case, you will remain a no-level seller).


Oh thanks and how let all the bars green by which activities, are there any special orders to follow

Your Analytics page tells you EXACTLY what you need to achieve in order for each bar to be green.


Thank you @jonbaas there is general goal not specifically for a new user it’s difficult to understand

You are rewarded for responding quickly to enquiries. Completing orders. Getting good reviews. And delivering on-time. There are certain goals such as number of orders complete and amount earnt etc that need to be hit. It is all explained in your seller account.

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I sorry to ask you a question i have a lot of confusion my question is if there’s any difference between badges and level and activities in the forum and the main profile and account? Is it the same?

Your forum contributions do not effect your seller level or main Fiverr statistics whatsoever.


Is there a rewards to do some work before the first order and review while I am new user

Your best bet is to create your gigs with some care and look for what your audience needs. Then have a look at the buyer requests and submit some offers to get your first order and first review.

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So what the benefits for the contribution in the forun is doesn’t effect

The forum is to ask questions, get advice and tips, keep up to date with Fiverr news and generally a community of Fiverr users to support each other.

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Wherz section i get to look at some buyer request

I think you should familiarise yourself with the Fiverr website before asking any more questions.

You’ll find it in More and then Buyer Requests. On the App, bottom right button then Buyer Requests.


Thank you for your help

Fiver forums badges will not effect your fiver seller account statics

The Analytics requirements for promotion are easy to understand. There are no other specifics that get around those requirements. What is listed on your Analytics page is what you need to achieve.