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"system" is totally a joke!


I’m a seller here for quite a while, however Fiverr’s automated “system” is a joke to me. How?
Someone (a spammer) contacted me and asked me to share mail info so that he can do business with me outside of Fiverr.
In reply, I mentioned -sharing personal information or contacting “outside” of Fiverr is against the TOS, so I can’t!
Guess what could happen?
My message was automatically reported as spam and I’m punished for not able to send anyone a message for quite a few hours.

If this doesn’t sound what’s I’m ranting about, then let’s dig in.
An honorable buyer ordered one of my best selling gig and gave an incomplete assignment. She wanted me to complete the assignment for her.
I replied her that my gig offers technical writing, and I never mentioned doing homework or assignment. So, why did you order my gig for a project like this?
And, most important thing is, doing homework or assignment is against the TOS. No one sells services legitimately what you have asked me to do.
She is okay with that and clearly understood what I’ve said. However, the system didn’t.
Next morning, my gig has been denied accusing I’m selling homework or assignment services which is against the TOS.
Man, I just mentioned those word to clear the concept to my fellow client.


Hi Nayeem. That’s really too bad, sorry to hear that. Did you contact support to ask them to reinstate the denied gig because it was clearly a mistake system-side to deny it? I’d love to know how this will turn out.


When I get the school work request, I am careful not to mention homework.

I have a quick reply where I say I cannot help them due to TOS, and then I quote the relevant part of TOS.

It is good to NEVER use the words ”outside of Fiverr in any message. That is a trigger phrase for the system.


Hello, in both of those cases you can message customer support and tell them what you mentioned here to clear yourself. I don’t know what reply you will get but it’s definitely worth a try.


Yes, I did and still waiting for their reply. I will update as soon as I hear something from them. :slight_smile:


In dealing with these you have to be ultra cautious, whenever you receive a message regarding something inappropriate on Fiverr just don’t reply and block the buyer immediately.

If a buyer orders something which you don’t sell and if it includes some fishy work then instead of discussing the matter just cancel the order.


HOW is it possible??? :smile:

This is like Punishing Yourself !! :sunny:


I hope you read the thread. If you did, then you should understand by now how it is possible to randomly order something without even reading the gig description or contacting with the seller.

Well, this isn’t as simple as it looks. Cancellation is a burden for every seller and every buyer deserve an explanation why his/her order would be cancelled.
Instead of discouraging people to explain, system should focus more to make a decision on banning/denied.


Well, looks like you missed the point completely. How can a buyer order something that I don’t sell? An order is made to a product that I am selling. If I don’t sell anything which eventually means that I won’t have an active gig, how can a buyer make/place his/her order? That’s what I am talking about.

If you don’t have an active gig, will I be able to place my order? The answer is simply “NO”.


Never use the words that triggers the system Bot that will slap you instantly and pray that the potential buyer wont use them too or the system will slap you twice!


There’s not a lot stopping a buyer from typing anything they want in the gig requirements section and pressing “start order”. That’s how they can order something you don’t actually do or don’t actually do in that gig/gig package. The OP said his gig was for technical writing not for what the buyer asked for (homework writing). Though I don’t see the word “technical” in a gig. Perhaps the OP could add in the description/FAQ that the gig isn’t for homework/assignments (which are against the TOS) but that might get the gig flagged.

So that’s the problem and cancelling gigs which ask for something which is against the TOS would reduce the order completion rate and have an effect on evaluations, unless CS could cancel it for the OP without it affecting them. In future, asking CS to cancel it, without it affecting stats, might be best if the order is against the TOS.


Yes, I know that cancellation is a burden and it doesn’t matter whose fault it is but seller will getting punished for cancellation but it’s always better to save time and cancel the order instead of keep working for a client who wants every thing for free.


Huh, So I’ve to be very very very very very careful using fiverr. Thanks for sharing your information.


Here’s the update:
CS replied: "Your Gig was reviewed by our Editorial Team which determined it had to be denied after this violation.

Once a Gig is denied it cannot be reinstated unfortunately."



So, moral of the story is:
A random user orders something which you don’t offer and also against the TOS, thus you used that word to clarify why the order has to be cancelled.

In the end, you loose the revenue due to cancellation, disqualified for the next evaluation, denied the gig accusing the violation of TOS and an warning as well. :clap:


:confused: What can one say. Hope the new gig you’ll need to make will gain traction quickly, and … don’t … use words. :upside_down_face:


System reads the words that it has been set to catch. So, it does not read what you have written before and after those words. So, never mention those words that goes against ToS.

BUT I think Fiverr should make some improvements in some points. Say, when we work on Sign Up form, sometimes, we need emails from the buyer and also need PayPal or need to talk about ‘Payment Gateway’. When it is the task to add PayPal/stripe atc, how we could communicate with the buyers?

Once a buyer said to me that I am not replying him lately and I should reply fast whee as I was replying immediately after I got them. The problem was that he has written the word ‘email’ in one of his message. Then every message reach me at least 10 - 15 mins, as per I guess. Because Fiverr team was reviewing every message manually.


With this method operated by a poorly coded bot, they are encouraging people to use text file or images to do the conversation even if they are doing illegal business. And, discouraging people who uses free speech to clarify what should or shouldn’t be done on the platform.


Yes, that should be upgraded.


Avoid trigger words like contact, pay, email, or money.

Sometimes you can use synonyms, add a hyphen, write p-y, cash, or just issue generic responses.

“Sorry, I can’t do that.”
“We can talk here.”
“Please tell me what you need here.”
“What you’re asking me to do violates Fiverr’s Terms of Service.”

If you still get in trouble, contact CS, they should clear it up.

I agree that automation can be horrible. Sometimes it’s not even Fiverr, for me it’s impossible to have a Craigslist gig because the Craigslist people immediately complain to Fiverr, even if what you offer doesn’t violate the terms of Fiverr or Craiglist.

In the end, having a denied gig is nothing new, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes you can save your gig, other times you’re better off creating a new gig.