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System is worst and it doesn't update automatically

I’ve been noticing that Fiverr doesn’t automatically update whenever there’s a new message or order. You would have to refresh your page to get the updates. It’s negative in so many ways because if you happen to trust their system to give you updates, in return they will just ruin your ratings, such as your response rate and your credibility to your customer’s or prospects. :-w

Another negative thing is about clearing periods. This happens to me A LOT OF TIMES and Fiverr management has been ignoring my messages coz their not working on resolving it.

Once an order is completed, you’d be given 14 days (not business days) but 14 days to have it cleared; but this doesn’t hold true as per my experiences. On the day of the clearing, you would have to sent an email to Fiverr before your money gets cleared. And it’s completely ANNOYING! Coz we don’t always have the time to notify them or email them to say, "Hey, my money should be cleared by now, RELEASE IT! coz it’s my Money! You’ve got your share or percentage out from it, so you should release it now! And it’s me who worked hard for it. Why are you still holding it?!"

I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else. But I tell you, Fiverr has been so INCOMPETENT on my part.

I still do hope that they would hear me out and totally fix it; or else I might be forced to ask my customer’s to have the order processed for the same amount on other gig sites.

I’m really super stressed about this whole thing coz it has happened for countless of times now. :-w

I got so many issues with this system, for once on my dashboard doesn’t show any orders, but I do have new and past ones, details from buyers disappears, this is insane I get to message back my buyers and apologies although is not my fault… COME ON FIVERR…
And if I contact fiverr more than 95% of the time the answer doesn’t even relate to my question… and you charge 20%…
My rant is over now

They’d even say that their support team is available for 24/7 but you’d get a response in 2 days!! The one that you get immediately is a generic reply. I’m actually planning to make a negative review about them on all social media and review sites; just to get their attention and that they would not slack coz their getting money out of our hard work, and their not even doing their job; which is very simple-release our hard earned money on time; coz we also have to anticipate the clearing days once we transfer it to our banks. FIVERR HAS NO CONCERN FOR ALL THEIR SELLERS. Their just gonna take their percentage out of your work, and would no longer care about the seller. :-q

I have created a thread in customer support before 12 days, still got no message :-q :-q :-q :-q

Fiverr is ripping us off! We have to do the work and they get their money and yet, it seems that we would have to beg to release OUR OWN MONEY that they just want to hold!
It would have been a good market place if not because of the incompetent people behind it. X(

You are right…

There are even few more technical problems too… You might not realized that… Including

  1. the not updating of BUYER Requests feature for up to 18 hours …
  2. Also some time fiverr itself not works…
  3. My account was restricted for four days due technical fault… :slight_smile:

But the real thing is I still like fiverr… It is easy to use… Not hard and fast rules!

They are always keeping a dollar after each order, you should expect some good quality customer service but still we don’t receive.

There was an issue 1 week back where an user has ordered something i delivered and he rejected it while it was good delivered, little that i knew is that he did that on purpose and deleted his account. i lost my 20.00 dollars ( 16.00 ) i contacted fiverr about this and expected oh no worries we responded 6 days after let us send you the money because its our fault that he can do that. ( No we are not responsible for this and you lost your money )

Fiverr needs to step up his game!

They really don’t care about the seller though we’re the ones who pays them (through the percentage that they get from us) to keep the site running. Without us, they would not have their website nor their jobs.
I have a $120 clearing amount for today and yet, the day is almost done but MY MONEY is not yet cleared. My customer has rated me with a perfect five on that project and is a rebuyer. If they will not fix this, I’ll really have my customers work for me somewhere else.
Worst is, their putting up a blindfold regarding this situation. If MY MONEY would not be cleared by today, I will really report them to the Better Business Bureau. I got the website and it even showed that they’ve had a number of complaints.

Reply to @rolsjee: have you done any withdrawls before or are you a new seller? What method do you use to withdraw your money normally? Paypal or Fiverr card/Payoneer?

Reply to @sincere18: Yeah, I’ve withdrawn funds before through Paypal. I’ve been using Fiverr for 3 months now and have withdrawn for almost 20 times now. This clearing and withdrawing issue has been happening on my part since the end of July. It’s so annoying coz I’d have to email them every now and then, and their response takes the latest in 2 days, sometimes more.

Reply to @rolsjee: Oh, ok. I have seen a few other people posting how the system seems to be down or something for that, but not sure if that’s just a glitch or for different sellers or the whole site. If you look through all the discussions.

Also, just as a side note, why are some of your gigs delivered with empty photos? in your portfolio on your gig photos, you have many with no photos. ARe you delivering empty jobs and then sending the files after the delivery is done?

Reply to @sincere18: I was also wondering about that. I think buyer’s have the option to have their order posted as a portfolio or not coz all of my deliveries are images. I do have some who purchased it with License, that might be the case for them. But I’m not sure with the rest. There’s really a lot of glitches on the sellers end. And Fiverr is not doing anything about it coz they don’t care. All they care about is having to get their percentage from the seller.

Reply to @rolsjee: yes, buyers can “uncheck” if they do not want their gig to be part of your portfolio, but then I thought it did not even post their name/comments if they did that.

You have to think about it though, it’s an anonymous website in general so there are bound to be various issues on both ends for buyers and sellers.

Reply to @sincere18: I understand that there might be issues of some sort but since they are getting 20% of each of my sale plus a transfer fee each time I transfer it to Paypal, I think I have (and all Sellers) the right to demand a better service and and better system. My point actually is, since their getting paid for MY HARDWORK (Meaning, I do all the hardwork, and yet they still get paid for it), they should do their part in maintaining the website well and keeping up a good customer service or support. But that’s not happening so far. I still have hopes though.