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System "Is your email correct" is this legit?

Mod Note: A staff member has confirmed that this was a legitimate email notification.

Hi Fiverr’s
Is this an error, or something darker.

Seems odd - I would suggest not clicking the link.


It looks legit.

A lot of things can cause emails to bounce. I would look into it.


I never said your email wasn’t good and don’t patronize me. Read it again.

I said things can cause emails to bounce. Look it up. Don’t assume that the only thing that causes a bounce is an incorrect email address. It isn’t. Obviously I wasn’t saying it’s a bad email address.

I’m sorry for trying to help you. Yikes.

Some emails could go through, but perhaps some don’t.

It could totally be a scam and I see your logic, but not necessarily.


I was just joking to what they had requested not your response.

Look up hard bounces and soft bounces.

If there is a timeout, DNS issue, spam program, etc. or some other server issue it can affect delivery for some emails you receive, but not others.

Thanks, never got a system massage ever unless a badge or post block. Assumed it was a fishing expedition.