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System will not allow me to Accept Delivery

I’m trying to accept delivery of an image file. I click on Accept Delivery and receive a dialog box displaying if I’m sure I want to accept and how that will make it finalized. The issue is the only button option I have to choose from is ‘Cancel’. So I’m stuck not being able to accept delivery and complete the transaction…

Am I missing something?

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What about the green “Yes” button on the right?

When I click the green Yes button, i get the popup on the left…

I guess I should have waited. Seller got back to me and said to try again and when I went back, I was then presented with an additonla Accept and download button. So I’m good…


No problem the order will be auto delivered after 3 days

@shabakhanam He can not download the order without a watermark if he can not accept the order, please review before.

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