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T&C, zero tolerance?


Hello there,
I am sorry if this topic is already there, I tried looking for my specific problem right here couldnt find it, so that’s why I started a new one.
So, I have been working on Fiverr for almost 1 year now, and I have ALWAYS been following up with either my buyers or with any potential buyers, especially the ones that actually discuss their job with me for 10 minutes or so, then they stop responding, what I normally do is send a message for 3 days (once a day) asking them to reply politely.
Doing this, I get a lot of responses and eventually the rate (if he was a buyer) or the order (if we discussed their project).
but recently I have received a warning from Fiverr, stating that I was spamming…
I tried contacting the customer support, but they said that I send extensive messages.
I’m really disappointed and very concerned now.
Should I not be following the order? just like robots? do the job and never talk?
Any advise?

Thank you all.


You’ve said it all really. Unwanted messages do count as spam.


Bulk messaging can considered as spamming


Thank you for the reply.
So, it depends on your luck? if the buyer is willing to answer then you might get the order, if they’re not and don’t want to see your messaeg, then you are a spammer, thus risking losing your account.
therefore, better work like a robot, talk when you’re talked to, do the job and shut down. otherwise you are a spammer.


No - if a buyer messages you, then message them back once, not every day for 3 days! :rofl:

No it doesn’t. :wink:


It sounds like you are spamming. Do not “follow up” with “potential buyers”.


Do you also send messages to other sellers as potential buyers ?


No, I said potential buyers that we discuss their job.
Let me make it clearer.
when a buyer contacts me, and discusses his work with me, that’s a potential buyer.
A seller is not a potential buyer.


Change your strategy. Don’t let your potential buyers walk away.
If I’m interested I usually close the deal the same day. If I’m not then I don’t really care if the buyer comes back or not. I won’t chase them and most likely they will find someone else.

There are exceptions, but based on your initial post it seems like you’re giving too much room for buyers to walk away so that you have to chase them down.

I’m also a buyer and to be honest I would find it annoying when a seller constantly contacts me. If I want the service I will buy it the same day, if I don’t then there’s no point chasing me.


No issues.
I dont send my buyers constantly of course.
And the issue is not that buyers walk away,daily at least 5 or 6 buyers contact me, and usually 1 doesn’t reply back after discussing the job, so I don’t think it is me that let them walk away.
Anyways , thank you for the reply, and your advice.
Will work on it.