T-Shirts Design Vendor | No Order Last Few Days


I am Shamsul passionate graphic t-shirts designer.

Last month, I cancel some orders due to my personal problem.

At that reason, From this month I received only 2 orders. Also, I don’t find my gigs in the Fiverr search algorithm.

Now, What Should I do?

T-shirts Design Vendor

I have 3 running gigs in my profile about t-shirts sub-category of Graphics & Design.

  1. make trendy typography tshirts design
  2. Teespring & Motivational Tshirt Design
  3. Create Trendy T shirt

Please suggest me What should update?

If you need my service, you will hire me anytime as your designer



I think you shoulf spend your time doing something else when having no orders.


Can You Suggest me what can I do that time?


Idk, you don’t know what you can do?


Seriously, I don’t to what should I do?