Tab auto refresh problem


Hi there

I have a Question. If i use fiverr tab with auto refresh Extensions for reloading tab page. it’s create any problem for my account.

Please reply expert peoples!!

Sultan Mahmud


someone please reply!!!


Yes - don’t do it - it’s of no advantage to you at all.


Yes it will, don’t even try. This is what will happen:


it’s keep my page online…


That’s why it’s a bad idea - because you’re not really online, you’re trying to kid the system on that you are.


it’s happened with me sometimes


Exactly, like @offlinehelpers said, don’t try to fool the system.


i’m active on fiverr app all time.


Good - you don’t need to keep refreshing your web page as well! :slightly_smiling_face:


yes bro i got it. thanks


You’re welcome - I’m a girl BTW. :woman:


oh ok… i will remember you! next time :upside_down_face: