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Tackle buyers in message

Hope you are all fantastic today.
Many of the buyers landed on my gig and text me but when i replied to them they go away.
Is there any problem in my conversation or they are all making fun?


Hi, I am a buyer and a seller. When I need a service I will look at a few buyers’ profiles and message all with a similar message. Remember I am wanting the best service in some way. I may message up to 10 people, to get an idea of whom I want to buy from. If a seller messages me afterwards, I just tell them that I have found another buyer. It is not wrong either way. I know your frustration, happened to me many times as a seller.


Tips to get your potential buyers attention:

Answer as soon as possible.
Listen to what ‘they’ want and offer to send them a custom offer.
I have had people just saying ‘Hi’ and then I don’t hear anything more from them.


Your comment is highly appreciated for me. Thanks for your guidance.

nice suggtions :white_check_mark:.