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Tag buyer as repeat / new etc


I think it will be amazing to have tags to buyers as we tag the messages.

(& great if it appears in manage sales page)


i had a buyer said he was so much happy for the work but as he was a teacher type guy; he just cut my one star without any reason.

it hurts rating when we are in starting phase.

if we can tag such person we can at least stay more cautious to it.

we also can identify a repeat buyer.

please comment… what you think?



Personally i just use a word filter browser extension. For repeat buyers i just filter Buyername to Buyername-R. Now the buyername will always show up as Buyername-R and i know its a repeat buyer.


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Reply to @mgjohn78: thank you for commenting.

but i didn’t get you. means you keep an excel file for orders and add buyers’ name too?

Please reply how you do filtering.


Reply to @kalpjam: No i mean a word filter browser extension/browser add-on!