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Tag issue fiverr failed to resolve bug

why fiverr failed to resolve this tag issue from last 6/7 months?
Support asked me to show them video and i did it hence this problem is with so many sellers here still support unable to respond to my tickets from more than 5 days

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I believe none of forum users understand what bug you talking about here.

Do you want to be more specific and describe the “bug”?

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its tag issue… new sellers unable to insert tags instead fiverr system forced us to use only tags that already pops up in drop down list. And tags related to my services aren’t there to select. Although my services are in popular category of 2D animation & explainer videos.

Tags are broken. I cant use tags that are related to my gig. Here on forum many seller asking about this bug.
i did post topic 3 days ago here but no one replies nor support responding me.

if we dont use correct tags how we sell our services.
I did try different browsers,put comma/enter/space bar but nothing works.

please advice.

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Hope it didn’t exceed the maximum tag of 5? if it exceeds 5 you can’t insert anymore tags.

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This may be helpful to you:

I cant even add one tag of my choice. I know 5 is limit.
Many thanks for the reply.

apprecoated your reply mate.
I already read these articles. My concern is I cant put any tag related to my gig. For instance I couldnt add
“video” instead I have to choose “hd video” which fiverr suggested me. Which is highly unlikely that my potential buyer ever use to search.

Another example Im unable to add “explainer” tag instead Im forced to select only “explain”

Ive video as well for the problem but couldnt upload here.

Hope all this make sense please.
many thanks for all the member for their valuable input!

I see.

Just type “video” and press tab for example. You can overwrite suggestions.

Try it and let us know if it helps.

Appreciated your help.

I did it mate,its not working my friend.

It is strange, I can write any tag I want. Could it be browser causing this?

when I press tab,cursor just go forward without making tag

mate- I did try different browsers just couldnt get what the problem is. Many thanks for your valuable advice

I tried Chrome Microsoft Edge firefox…
all have same issue

and “video” + enter?

tried all options mate
Enter Tab
Space bar…

I guess new memebers facing this issue from Januart

Yes, It worked. Thanks

Use @ before making tag, then you will see the tag problem has solved.

For example: @video