Tag-Keyword Question on first Gig


I just put up my first gig a few days ago. It took me multiple tries to upload the video but I finally got it working.


I though I had some good keyword tags selected that would easily identify my unique and quirky gig.

video, message, greeting, birthday, advertising, gift, devil, demon, prank, Animated, Daemon

When I do an everything search for “Daemon” the search only pulls up 2 best matches and mine is neither of them. When I try to narrow it to my category – Video & Animation – Animation & 3D I get no best matches at all.

I’ve tried searching under New and Haz Video but that doesn’t seem to help either.

I am able to find my gig by username: daemonbill but I am confussed how the Fiverr algorithm finds matches to keyword tags. Any Ideas?


@bachas85, I see I can find myself by username but that would mean customers would have to be searching specifically for me. Since I am new, customers are not even aware of my username.

My main concern is why a unique tag like “Daemon” does not show my gig as a result. It clearly should.

Grazi Mille for searching for my username!


Good Catch. I didn’t notice that. What is the point of tags if they work in the search? Aughhhh!!!


The search has been a little funky for the past few weeks. :frowning: They’re aware of it, I’m sure, from all the people complaining about it. Don’t really know when it will be fixed but hopefully soon!


I am also facing the same problem, my gig does not appear while searching with any of the tags that I have used :frowning:


Thanks for the info. Glad (well not exactly) to hear that I am not the only one having a problem with search. I hope Fiverr fixes it soon for all our sakes.


Yes, I’ve experienced the same problem. I wonder what makes the other gigs appear. You think it has something to do with popularity of a particular gig so that the others come up?


@psychicrainbow, I’m not so sure it is a popularity thing. The #1 gig is 100% rated but based on only two thumbs up. The #2 gig is not even rated yet and the seller has a not so great 87% rating overall.


After 24 hours I got a response back from Fiverr Support.

"We’ve checked on your account and confirmed that your gig is properly indexed in Fiverr search."

So they fixed it, Right?

WRONG. My gig still does not show up using the keyword tag “daemon.” Same two results as yesterday.

Their fix was to “consider…advertising your gig in social networks” (which I already do) and that "would help in making your gig more visible in Fiverr search."

I know advertising makes make my gig more visible to the world in general but I see no correlation to why it would affect Fiverr search results??? Am I crazy?



@oldbittygrandma, I agree that there has not been any official Fiverr word on if the search needs fixing or is being fixed…but that does not mean there is no problem.

I’m just suggesting that anyone having a search problem file a Support Ticket so it brings any potential search problem to the attention of the Support Team.

My case it is pretty simple:

The word “Daemon” is used all by itself in the body of my description.

The word “daemon” is used all by itself in as a TAG keyword.

When I type the word “daemon” into search my gig does not show up at all where two other gigs do.

My question to Fiverr Customer Support is, Do words in the description and or TAG keywords make a difference in the Fiverr search algorithm or not?

Still waiting on an answer.

From what I have read in here in the Forums it appears that this may only be an issue for new gigs or old ones that have recently changed their tags or descriptions.


I analyzed search today and it for sure has almost no sense… It is working wrong.

I have gig about “fishing” with that word in: title, tags, text… When I search that I get nonsense results above me and I am somewhere down. Also, my gig has 26 thumbs up and some other better ranked gigs have less. Even less thumbs up and not any connection with “fishing” so it must be that something is wrong there


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in first gig what is tags


This is scary.


Well I think we should tag the relevant words which we have written in the description and title. What you say guys ? :slight_smile:




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