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Tagging issue

I was unable to find this. Sorry if it has already been discussed.

I have been trying to post gigs but out keeps telling me i am required to have at least 3 tags.

However i have that spot filled in.

Have tried “tag,tag,tag,tag” and "tag, tag, tag, tag"

What am i doing wrong?

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Thanks guys! I’ll try that here shortly.

Ex: for card tricks offer:

Maigc, cards, Tricks, Fun,

:wink: Joe

The Creative Guys | 2014

Is there a space before and after the comma?

It also may be because i have been trying using my phone?


Btw i do know what a tag is :-p, was just using the word ‘tag’ as an example.

hi i am about to cry becuse i can tag any word to my gig any more i already tag tow word but i cant any more and i am so tierd pleas help me my gig is banner designing what should i do now?

Hi everyone,

Fiverr TAG section is not working properly for a week. When I am entering any TAG Fiverr is not responding nor saving, only TAGs are being saved Fiverr suggested only. Anyone can help me in this regard. Thanks

Very old thread