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Tags contains excessive use of the terms: logo


Why i see this help me and get me out of this


Can you please explain more what you need help with?


If you try to create a gig and you use a word to many times you will not be able to do it. Try replace some “logo” words in there with something else


Don’t put the word “logo” too many times in your tags. That’s pretty much it.


Same situation in my case: “Tags contains excessive use of the terms: keyword” .

I even deleted all words (named “keyword”) from title, tags and description, but the message still apear. It seems there is a bug.


Just follow under the page where I put my tag. When I set my TAG, please be sure that tag word never select twice. Example: I want to create a gig for logo. then i shouldn’t set TAG 1. logo design 2. simple logo >>> hey you see i use in TAG twice “logo” word. if you use same word 2 time then you fall in that problem show : “Tags contains excessive use of the terms: logo” >> so we should use a word just 1 time for TAG. thanks all


That’s a long dead post bro.