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Tags Not Working For Search If They Are Not Also in Title

I started my first gig, and I added 5 tags to the description. But when I type a tag in the search bar, my gig doesn’t show up. Some of them only have 20 results, so surely I should be there, right?

If I have the words in my title and in the tag then I show up. So does search only look at titles and not tags? What are the point of tags??

Thanks for any insight! here is the gig:


Having the same issue.
Contacted Fiverr support for the same but they say gig search depends on a lot of factors and they cannot take requests to make the gig appear in the search results

Don’t know what to do now

so it sounds like the best thing to do is stuff your title full of tags!

My title has all the tags but still not in search

I am not sure that is a good idea. While taking into account SEO is important, having a cluttered title have the opposite effect you want. You may appear more in searches, but people will not click your title. People like simple and concise titles, the smaller the better.

There are other things to worry about that can mean more clients: a beautiful and attractive gig image, an awesome description and a clean portfolio. Using tags like a crazy person is not the key to success.

Besides, the results you see when you search that keyword are not the results all people see. So, don’t use that as something important. I never worried about the search position, and I always did fine with orders. Good luck :+1: