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Tags Probleme

Hello i have a pobleme when i want to post a new gig he told me that

‘Tag list must contain at least 3 tags’ and that’s what i do and tags separated with commas

Please someone help me ! - See more at:

Sheriff’s Note: Your other thread has been erased. You cannot post the same thing twice, because it’s considered spam, and spam is not allowed.

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you can include 5 tags if you wish. Write one tag every time then try to press comma or Enter. When you see that this tag is Ok, then write the next tag and so on. Hope that helps :slight_smile:



Thank you for ur reply but i have the same probleme wherever the words i put he told me the same thing ‘Tag list must contain at least 3 tags


The same probleme --(

Reply to @bachas85: The Probleme is i do exactly The 3 tags and seprated with commas and still not working give me the same probleme 'Tag list must contain at least 3 tags’

I don’t undestand

in the search tag box write the area of your field you are expert in it
for example a graphic designer can write graphic editing bla bla what ever it suggests u below and thats it .

Thank you. It worked

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