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Take a bite, sellers and buyers!

We need Sellers to Help!!

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Don’t forget as well, while fresh tip posts are needed, there isn’t a need for plagiarized tips or spins/re-posts of what is already here. Instead, consider writing something unique or writing your own version of existing tips but making a clear audio or video for those who would rather watch and listen! A thanks goes out to @joeyperezwest for the idea!

Links or embedded content for YouTube and Soundcloud can be posted as long as they conform to forum rules and the Fiver ToS. Please do not use your tips audio/video posts to include self-promotion for your gigs, that doesn’t go here! Do not include your contact information or anything else that is prohibited by the Terms of Service.

Here is a link to the thread with Joey’s mini webinar:

I think many people mistake the “Tips for Sellers” category as a place to get tips/advice, so they ask.

Nice graphic btw… Take a bite out of spam :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Noted :slight_smile:

PS: Luv the dog picture :smiley:

Graphics is the best way to explain the spammers…may be they don’t read the whole post…I like this graphic:)

Me too :slight_smile:

I agree with this, nothing more annoying than seeing fiverr gig links everywhere.

Yeaah i really agree with this post :slight_smile:

Great job.

Hey! thanks for the shout out! love you! :slight_smile: lol

HAHA love the picture too! McGruff the Crime Dog!!! I remember watching him at school over 30 years ago! lol

@babibalubi WHY???

Hey all, first time poster, long time reader. :slightly_smiling_face: Can someone explain what the issue is? Are people asking for tips in random places?

(Ahem, cough cough, umm), clearing throat :wink: lol

Hello, sure I can answer your question… basically there are some people here that don’t really look at the top tips and kind of just jump into it without a good lurk around. Most of the time they just want to post to post for whatever agenda reason and not really being themselves in as a conversation. It’s like meeting someone in real life in a group table full of friends and people who are getting to know each other, then all of a sudden you meet a sales person type of character.

They talk about the subject but then they start talking about how to sell what they have to offer or how ever. I mean there are topics of discussion for that subject matter, but its like that. It’s like if you are talking about house design and then one person takes over and starts taking the lead in the conversation but then starts talking about all what they do and how they can help people out by selling them a service or product, it curve balls in that direction.

I also see it as trying to over power someone in the subject matter, when the community forums for tips, advice and all that is just about being yourself and talking about things as if you were in real life.

Some people are just weird spammers trying to raise their quota. Others are scammers.

Some people try to speak in English but don’t want to take the time to learn how to properly address an audience or an individual.

Hmmm, I think that is all I can think of right now that can define what the subject matter at hand is talking about.

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I’m shuvodip and I actually WROTE SPAM (advertising my services) in a thread that was dedicated to removing spam.

Fully Agreed.

Sure thing !

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I’m design_king13 and I actually WROTE SPAM (advertising my services) in a thread that was dedicated to removing spam.

abdelmoula97 put horrible SPAM in this thread about spam. It was removed.

DON’T ADVERTISE OR PUT GIG LINKS OR PROMOTE YOUR SERVICES IN THIS THREAD!!! People who do may have their accounts restricted.

Because someone instantly promoted their gig in this thread?