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Take a free online class from one of the top universities in the world

The great thing about these is you can audit classes meaning no tests, papers to write, and they are free!

You don’t even have to read anything, just watch a series of videos!

Expand your mind, enlarge your life, get new knowledge, increase your chances for better pay, better gigs, or a better job. If you want to pay the small fee, usually less than $100, you can get a certificate in the class to show employers.

Show a prospective employer an official certificate from Harvard or Princeton or UCLA! The site name is Coursera.


I have no idea why we can’t mention an online learning site which I have mentioned before. There is absolutely no harm in this. I may as well remove this entire post.

Apparently, any link at all that is not directly related to Fiverr is considered “spam,” :roll_eyes:

True but I see other sites mentioned all the time, ones that are similar to fiverr.

I just did a search for these sites and see multiple posts and threads about them using their names. Nothing wrong with saying Upwork apparently.

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Perhaps you can mention it, but without links?

I mean, if you mention the name of the site, it should be enough for anyone to find it on their own (and if it’s not enough, no course in the world would help them).


Thanks. It must be the link rather than the name.

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I often have my posts moderated when I use that site, so I often just call it “The U”

I post links to other sites frequently when it’s an article I want to show so I was surprised by this.

True but we mention a few other sites all the time on the forum such as upwork and youtube, freelancer, those are allowed to stay.

It’s about links really. So many learning sites out there that have affiliate links etc so to avoid attracting spam we avoid links to services/courses etc. as these are prone to having affiliate links.
Mentioning the site names, courses etc is fine though. As Cat says, if interested people can’t manage to find them from that then it is probably time for them to turn off the computer.


Thanks for the info MissCrystal.