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Take a look at My gig and assist me what is inaccurate

H… I 'm Aroush, I 'm new here :innocent: I request all members of the community Kindly Check my First gig and profile and tell me what wrong I hope all community member checked my gig.

Thank you!

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That’s an ambitious request. I don’t think “all members of the community” are available to assist. How about just inviting anyone who wishes to take the time to share their feedback? You might get a better response that way. :wink:

My advice: Don’t offer a money-back guarantee. As a new seller, you are going to get bad buyers trying to take advantage of that offer in order to get free work. I recommend removing that guarantee badge from your gig image. Offer what you offer, and leave it at that. You don’t need to be enticing people with the guarantee that you will refund their completed order if they ask. Buyers are not entitled to refunds.


In your gig’s description the spelling of BUY is wrong, you have written BY ONE GET ONE FREE, and this is the first line of your gig and your buyer got a bad impression abt you

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jonbaas Thank you:innocent: