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Take a look at my gigs


it would be great if you give me your opinion!


I recently posted my gigs just like you. Probably we are not allowed to ask for opinions or something like that. But I will give you my opinions. In the “About this gig” you can add some points like “Why should you choose me:” or “What I provide:”. The points should be short and in list format. It would look nicer then.


something i do not understand is that if you saw my gig why my analytics still showing no views on it


I think It updates after 24 hours. I live in Bangladesh, so for me, it updates at 6 am or 7 am. But be sure that it will change within or after 24 hours. :slight_smile: :grin:


Great gig examples! I would recommend fixing your gig descriptions to read more professionally. But other than that, you seem off to a good start!


Awesome mate, you might need to start with a lower price and build up your reputation first because there are many gigs in your niche offer similar quality videos for a cheaper price. If a buyer has to choose they’ll probably go for the other guy first since they have customer reviews already while you haven’t got any. Overall, very good!


Thanks man, i was thinking about that…defenitely need to change few things in my gig…and that one is important