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Take a look at this mind map "Fiverr Levels and how to achieve theme"

Once I was trying to know how can I get a higher level on Fiverr, and I found it, but there was too much text to read!

So I decided to transform it to a mind map in order to remember it later.

Mind maps summarizes a lot of text, and shows you the complete picture, it is also colorful with images so you won’t get bored while taking a look at it.

It’s awesome =D>

Makes me think of a colorful zentangle~! It’s very bright and pretty, but this wouldn’t work for someone like me. I’d be wandering all over the page, which is great fun but not the best way for me to learn new material. When it came to learning all the science, chemistry, biology and medical minutia had to ingest in school, I was an “outline” maker. How boring, right? But that worked for me. (*) And I bet this works well for others~