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Take a test button is missing

I’ve tried to create a gig but it won’t allow me to “save and continue” and gives me the following message " Please note: Some categories require that sellers verify their skills."
reading the forums it suggest that I need to complete a skills test. and this is can be found here

To take a skill test:

  1. Go to
  2. In your profile card, click Take Tests on the left pane.
  3. Select a Skill Test to take.

but there is no option to take a skills test on my profile.

Any help would be appreciated


I’m trying the same again and again. Me either!!!

The problem that I had related to the tags. very simple solution actually, when I entered my tags I separated each tag with a space, however this doesn’t work. you need to separate each tag with “enter”. after that you can save and continue. Hurray!

I have the same problem. I’ve been trying to publish Gig since yesterday, but the Take Test option isn’t on my profile. By the way, was your problem solved?

same here. Any news?

I’m fetching same problem. Take test option not showing on my profile page.

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