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Take a Test, Earn Trust!


Hi Everyone,

I’m excited to announce a new feature for sellers. As part of our ongoing efforts to increase overall marketplace quality, we will begin offering the opportunity to take skills tests to verify seller skills. Skills tests will not be mandatory, but are an opportunity to increase buyer trust by proving your skills in the subcategories in which you offer services.

We’ve been rolling out the skills tests in the Translation subcategory over the past few weeks, but starting today, a small sample of sellers will be able to test in over 400+ skills! We will be gradually opening up this feature to all sellers over the coming weeks.

Once your account is active with the skills test feature, it’s easy to get started:

To take a skill test:

  1. Go to
  2. In your profile card, click Take Tests on the left pane.
  3. Select a Skill Test to take.

Again, you do not have to take these tests. They are 100% optional. However, taking a test is a great way to prove your aptitude and earn a new buyers’ trust—and to keep your skills sharp!

As a seller, you have the option to show or hide your score to Fiverr buyers. Should you choose to share your skill test results, users will see various details such as your score, time spent, results by topic, and more.

If you don’t pass the test the first time, don’t panic! You can retake the test after 24 hours and up to two times in a 3-month period. Hopefully taking the test provides an opportunity to brush up on your skills and continue to hone your expertise.

Have questions about the skills test? Please leave a comment below.

Skill test in fiverr
Do you Test your skills?
:man_facepalming: My [bad] first impression of the Skills Test feature
:man_facepalming: My [bad] first impression of the Skills Test feature
Tests Taken in Fiverr
:man_facepalming: My [bad] first impression of the Skills Test feature


Great! Can’t wait for it! :star_struck::nerd_face:


Nice, I love this feature! I will definately be taking a test!


This is good opportunity seller can prove in their skill that he is expert in their service.


Why I have a strong feeling that these exams will cost money in the near future? Or maybe it will be used in the promotion process.


Beside, users can let their professional friends to do these tests on their behalf, or even they can buy “applying test” service for $5 on other platforms. My question is, how can you control that?


Of course, there are always bad apples out there that will try to scam and cheat the tests. There are precautions built into the test platform to help minimize those who would look to cheat the test. Clearly, there are ways around it, but then a seller would be violating our Terms of Service, thus compromising their account.

These tests are 100% free.


As we all foresaw, fiverr become more like its competitor freelancing site.
Next move I guess will be ‘bid’ or need to write proposal for an order? Let’s see.


I’m a lyric writer and would love to see how this test would be applied to my category. I’m envisioning a segment like BET’s Rate My Bars.:thinking::star_struck:


Can’t wait to see how my test looks like.


Awesome!! :sunglasses:


Lol, or maybe you have to recite them on Skype to a stern old lady. If the lyrics don’t make her tap her feet to the beat, you fail.


So once the feature is rolled out to everyone (I don’t have it yet), will we only be able to take tests in the categories in which we have gigs, and if so, why can’t we do the tests in any of the categories where there are tests? That way it would help us decide whether to create a gig in a category we don’t currently have a gig in (it would help show which categories we are best at even if we don’t have a gig in those categories yet).


I stitch words in a pattern so ill and clever
I got it sewn like Grandma knitting me a sweater…

(stitch, pattern, sewn, knitting)



Curious if voice over artists will be included in the tests, and how that would work.


Curious if voice over artists will be included in the tests

This link was posted on another thread:

It doesn’t look like voice over is one of the tests (though voice over ip test is).

All the tests are multiple choice.


So what you are saying that we are turning into UpWrk or Freelncer?


Wow! We are waiting for it!:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


wawww, awesome update