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Take a Test, Earn Trust!


Great Feature ! I love it


I use a lot of shortcuts myself, but what does it prove really?
I think the problem is that people who made these tests didn’t fully understand what the score is suppose to represent.


A very long time ago I joined a recruitment agency who asked me to come in and do a test. It was a practical test where I had to recreate some designs using the usual software. At that time one of them was quark xpress. (Wonder if any of the younger designers have heard of it lol)

But anyway that was a good test. I was able to prove that I was capable of using the software and understood any instructions given.

That would be more practical i would think.


Hi. I want to know, if we can improve the scores we get on these tests, if we already passed once. And if so, whether the best result is chosen finally, or just the most recent. How many times can we retake the test to improve our marks?


That’s how most decent web development / design agencies do it.
I know Fiverr doesn’t have the resources to check the results of such test, but this would actually show if and what you can do. Knowing minimum requirements for WP version that’s 4 years old doesn’t show anything to a person who needs to hire someone to build their website.

So right now I would not recommend anyone to take the WP test. It’s outdated and doesn’t prove in any way if you can provide WP related services or not. Take those 40 minutes and learn something useful :wink:


very good future,
i try but i fail the test first time:wink::sweat_smile::joy:. i will try next time and i will do my best.


Since it doesn’t say that the best result is chosen, it must be the most recent.

How many times can we retake the test to improve our marks?

It doesn’t give a limit to the number of times, but it says you have to wait a day between tests and that “You can only take a test twice in a three months time window.”.


On the tests that I have passed there is normally an option of whether to show it on the profile, but on one that I passed there is no option for whether or not to show it on the profile. I don’t think it’s because of a limit on the number shown on the profile because I’ve already set 1 not to show the results and it still gives me the option of whether to turn it on for that test. Maybe it’s tests with a high number of topics within the test (eg. 11) where it doesn’t give the option of whether or not to display it on the profile. Maybe it’s browser specific but it showed the option on all other tests I think.



Finally, I found this to be able to get help. So, apparently I took a test which I really didn’t. And it says I failed. Additionally, it says 0 minutes taken for the test. And, now that I want to take it, I’m unable to. Can you please assist with this since I never took the test?

Thank you


I think it might sometimes say that if you just look at the test info even if you don’t actually start the test. You should be able to re-take the test (or actually take it) by waiting 24 hours I think (as long as you don’t try to take the test (or it doesn’t think you are taking it) more than twice in a 3 month period I think). Just make sure you run with a compatible browser (after waiting the 24 hours or whatever it says) and don’t switch away from the test tab or click on any other app while doing the test and you should be able to complete it (assuming no connection failures). So to be safe, if you look at the test info, if you want to do the test it might be better to do the test around then (ie. before closing the tab) as it may later think you’ve taken the test even if you haven’t.


When you take a test the second time after failing the first time are the questions and test the exact same thing? Same questions as before?

Have people noticed their rank dropping from taking the test? Or going up?


I really love and admire this feature fiverr team.
I think this should be more visible(like near the top) so that buyer first sees the competence of a seller and then decides who is the right choice.


If you didn’t get 70% or more it wont show.


I think the problem is that:

  1. The tests are outdated and they also don’t have tests for all subjects and software. There are other issues with the tests.
  2. There are errors in various tests (eg. some questions have duplicate wrong answers as options with no right answer shown. Some tests have questions that are about images but the image isn’t shown).
  3. The tests don’t test the whole “system”. ie. with a seller buying a gig from a seller, the seller will have access to everything available to them (eg. software, maybe with a spell checker, online research etc.), whereas the tests only allow the users themselves to be tested, without the software etc. they have.


Your test scores are very impressive! I do think it gives your profile a huge boost.


If I thought I could pass the basic English test I might try it. Seriously, I do not have the exact grammatical rules for everything memorized.


Thanks Misscrystal
You would be surprised to know some other test scores of mine.
Regular work does have its perks :slight_smile:


I passed that test. It’s supposed to show the option of whether to show on the profile on all tests that you pass (where the score is >=60% ie. >=6 out of 10). When I used Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer the option appeared and I was able to turn off the display of that test’s results. So the issue is with Fiverr’s incompatibility with Internet Explorer (the option doesn’t appear with Internet Explorer, at least for that test when there were 11 topics in the test, but it did appear when using Google Chrome).


The English tests are also very 25 years ago. Writing styles are subjective ie: where to place a comma etc. I have taken 4 years of post secondary school, and not one professor was too worried about where commas were placed - unless it’s absolutely wrong - like “We walked, to the store today.” No need for a comma - but I write, like I talk, and that involves many pauses lol. Obviously in formal writing, you need to use more standard “old shcool” grammar - but for the most part, times have changed.

They need better, more current - up to date tests…

The social media marketing test is also ridiculous. Questions like - when you search google for “bookmarking: website” in quotations, what shows up? It matters not realistically… there’s at least 5 questions like that in it. It has no bearing on how I market, and use social media.


I heard it was 70%. Are you sure it’s 60%?