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Take a Test, Earn Trust!


Yes, you can pass if you get 6 out 10. See people’s test scores.

The test instructions say “•In order to pass, you will need to answer at least 60% of the questions correctly.”


Yes, I know you pass with 60% - but I heard a pass without at least 70% doesn’t have the option to appear on your profile… so that indicates fiverr IS taking notes of the higher/lower tests scores - or scores in general.

My mistake - the test mark will show - but you can’t hide your percentage. so if you’re okay with people seeing the percentage you should be able to click “show on profile option” - if not, you won’t have the green tick beside it on your list of skills.

You go to “Take a test” tests completed should be listed, then “show in profile”…


No, with at least 60% (6 out of 10) the option always appears to show it on the profile if you use Google Chrome as the browser when selecting that test to set the option. It seems to also work on Internet Explorer with most tests except those with 11 topics I think.

See attachment for test with 6 out of 10 with option to show on profile (this was using Google Chrome):



So when you go to the “take a test” and click “show in profile” it doesn’t? You need to click the show on profile option - it’s grayed out.


That’s one I purposely turned off the display of on the profile. The option for that doesn’t show at all in Internet Explorer (that one had 11 topics which is probably why).


Though what you can do is leave the “Skill” that Fiver creates on the profile and select the option not to show the test on the profile.

eg. If you do the “Adobe After Effects” test and pass, Fiver will add “Adobe After Effects” as one of your skills (I think if It’s not already there) and put a green tick next to it to say it’s been confirmed (by the test). But you can select not to show the test result on your profile (if you don’t think the score is high enough or the score on one of the topics within the test) but the “Adobe After Effects” skill, with the green tick will still show (unless you delete that skill).


If the test asks where to place a comma I wouldn’t be able to answer that. But I don’t have gigs that involve grammar.


It really doesn’t matter, I’ve seen people taking all type of tests :wink:


No! It would be too easy :wink:
I have read that Expert Rating has between 100 and 150 questions for each test.

I have seen some sellers with 62%.

It happened to me 3 or 4 times. It always happened on the first question but not on every tests.

I have passed it and I am in the Top 10%… You will pass the test if you try it!


Right it shows, but you can’t hide the test score and just have the green tick beside “skills” if you score under 70%.


I’m sure people realize I know basic English but others from non English speaking countries will be helped by passing the test probably.


I scored 6.3 on one test and I selected not to show the test result for that test but it still shows the skill for the subject of that test in the Skills section with a green tick next to that skill.


Oh weird… can you screen shot?


I’ve also noticed the duplicate choices, as well as grammatical issues. These need a better proofreader for sure.


I just take time to do Photoshop test.

Photoshop user for almost 15 years but the test is quite challenging for artist like me who only use specific tools for digital illustration.

Glad, I passed it and in the top 10%.

Happy to see the the green tick at my skills section.


i agree … I passed as well in top 10% illustrator score 7/10


I am so happy… I have passed a test for “Customer Service” . This is what happen when you are feeling and thingking like a customer :grinning:


I think so! Thank you @djwaruna for sharing your nice opinion


it’s a really good update. I will take a test as soon as possible.


This is really good for judge self <3