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Take a Test, Earn Trust!


Thank You, Its awesome Idea


As a FCPX pro certified trainer of many years I can confirm the current test Fiverr is using is poor at best. It tests knowledge yet uses incorrect terminology and highly confusing question techniques.

I passed but not with 97% I get on the official apple tests, in fact wildly different.

I am interested to try a few more tests to get a feel if this is a properly implemented feature.

Tests which have incorrect answers are more than annoying.


This is very nice system. I think it is very helpful for new seller.


Amazing, I attend a test as soon as.


:smiley:Great option to both buyers and newest sellers. This gain benefits to both parties. Thank you fiverr…:heart:


wow …great:star_struck:


It is really a good step, you can compare your skills.:slightly_smiling_face:


Useful feature! Thanks


Tests can be much more effective for your future orders, like author this topic said. I pess 2 tests, for photoshop and wordpress. But this tests have some questions so I did not meet never, until now. But I pess, I think i will retake a test for better score. Good luck to all!


Thanks your sharing information.


I mean, it’s a great feature or value to find a good seller for buyer.


I am a voice over and the tests options appeared earlier this week on my profile. I haven’t looked at it yet, but like you wonder how they will test us…


I wonder how it affect those who take the tests in terms of the algorithm? I am sure those who take the tests and show their scores will benefit somehow…


Can I give my skill test by a phone???
Thank you!!


I agree. Fiverr was different which is why I decided to freelance here. I didn’t want to take a test and feel pressured into doing so as this creates another layer for me to spend time on to prove my worth. My work and my reviews are my proof that I am capable.

I understand it is optional but this is just another thing to spend time on when I could put my energy into a client. I can self teach myself or take a course elsewhere and actually earn a cert which I could use ANYWHERE besides here.


It’s a great post about new features and the test will helps buyer to reliable about the seller. Very much informative :slightly_smiling_face:


If an additional box is provided to mark the question as “doubtful”, and then if such doubtful questions are reviewed, it will help to improve the quality of test. This is because there is always a scope for betterment.


Indeed this is the best opportunity for a seller to prove himself. Passing such test will enable the seller to be more confident about the service he/she is going to offer. Further, this is more appriciable because it is totally free. Some sites are charging for such tests. This proves the fiverr to be quite ahead of others. Thanks fiverr!


We are helpless for such issues as, “all locks and laws are for a gentleman”!:wink::laughing:


While the tests are free, some of them ask questions where to answer them correctly you’d need to pay a lot for the software even where they could ask general questions or questions about low priced or open source software instead. eg. one test about a particular topic (not about any software) asks questions about matlab, which costs thousands of dollars to buy for commercial use, so you can’t get a very good score on the test without that high priced software. They also ask questions about Microsoft and Adobe software even where there are cheaper/no-cost alternatives.

So there should be questions related to cheaper or open source software in particular on a site like Fiverr where not everyone can afford high priced software.