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Take a Test, Earn Trust!


Agreed. I happen to use some open-source softwares equivalent to Adobe products. I’d do fine on a “vector graphics” test, but I don’t know the nuances of Illustrator that would let me pass it. They’re too stuck on rather useless details to evaluate if you actually understand the heart of the subject matter. E.g. on the Powerpoint test, one of the questions basically asked, “what icon denotes [xyz tool]?” I don’t know! I don’t think it was even a very useful feature, but if it were, I most likely wouldn’t recognize it well enough to pick out its description on a multiple choice test.

I think the tests are a good idea, but they’re just not looking for the right things.


Do you know one thing?
Fiverr pays for each test that we take. Because expert rating charges $10 for each test and $5 for each re test.

Yes there is a possibility that Fiverr should’ve been into some contract with them.
That is really generous of Fiverr that we are doing the tests for free of cost.


Yes, but like I said they shouldn’t require the user to have spend vast amounts on software to be able to pass/get a good score on some of the tests unnecessarily.

I assume they do have some deal with them.

Though what Fiverr could do, is create their own tests, maybe in addition to the ones from the site they use. This would allow them to be more up to date and also to have tests for topics that don’t need the expensive software to pass as well as new topics. It would also be cheaper for Fiverr once they’re created if they’re paying for the service. They could have some Fiverr sellers/staff come up with sets of questions and answers for them. Also, I assume they could use a lot of the same code they’re already using for the current tests. They could also profit from those tests by allowing other sites to use them.


They cannot create their own tests. There are so so so many categories and these are active categories so questions needs to be updated every 1-2 month or even soon depending upon category. And on the other hand side, finding experts for all of those categories is okay but getting all answers Correct from one expert in one category… That is pain in (blah).

It will increase the manual work on the weekly or Daily basis and that is what they ate trying to do.


But the current questions/topics are years out of date so even if the new tests were even a few months out date they’d be more up to date than the current tests. And if other sites wanted more up-to-dates than the current provider of the tests, that means Fiverr could be earning money from creating/updating their own tests. They also don’t need to create every test at once. They can create a small number of additional tests and maybe also gradually replace the existing tests so they could have only Fiverr tests and profit from them too.


Agreed. These current tests are so outdated. That is why I have 7 in Twitter Management Test. :joy: But let’s see what happens. Fiverr said 2019, will give us many surprises. But till today, I just have seen things that will onlu attract buyers. Do they forget that sellers are the part of this community? :wink:


I found the same. The tests I took were worded very awkwardly and fully of grammar errors.


I agree with you and its a great idea.


Waoow great best of luck in your career.


Thanks Brother I feel happy.:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:strong text


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Really great tips. I also think about to take a test.


like affinity designer which a lot of people are moving over to.

shame we cant even supply that as a source file


Hi @mjensen415 I want to ask that if we appear in test for improvement of previous score but didn’t score equal or more than previous score than fiverr will consider which score?


Hi mam, please tell me which test is more important on fiverr


It would and should be taking the recent test results, at least that’s what I think.


Definitely it will be helpful to seller.


Awesome features love to do the test.


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