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Take a Test, Earn Trust!


Suggestion Done:hugs:


Great idea. There will be opportunity for new sellers to prove there ability & it may be helpful for winning first order.


Awesome, Waiting for Programming & Tech tests.


Will these tests really increase buyer’s trust? Don’t they know that test questions are limited and almost same all the time and the answers are available on internet. Test takers don’t have to actually be skilled to pass the test. They will just google and find the answer.


Thats great, it will help sellers.


This is just awesome initiative, extra tag on your profile. Definitely will boost our moral.

Thanks a lot Fiverr Team :clap::clap::clap:


this is awesome amazing :slight_smile:


I can’t see this feature. This also for a logo designer?


I can’t see it yet!

How ever this is going to be awesome !:grinning:


fiverr had a unique business module by which everyone likes and getting works on fiverr and that was i think a big success of fiverr… they differentiate fiverr from other freelancer sites but now gradually they are trying to copy other freelancer sites and make the same rules which is not good…


Great addition. It will be a great opportunity for new sellers to prove their skills


Way to go! A good way to separate the chaff from the grains. I think the good-bad old days of high-effort, little pay is getting over on Fiverr.


This the thing I have been waiting for a long time here, this will be best review for my profile.

Not sure how it is gonna work for a graphic designer?


Question from me:

Great feature, I was curious to try it. But I was unsuccessful and disappointed… There are a lot of things I’ve never heard of. I am After Effects freelancer and I think that AE section should be seperated. There are several kinds of work After Effects can be used for. But all of them are mingled into one.

Can there be separated tests for After Effects, depending on how your work in it?

Here is how I imagine it:

After Effects Tests:

• Video editing

• Effects & Presets

• Animation

• Audio

• Interface

Can that be applied in Fiverr Tests? The same for other programs or online wesite building platforms. I know, it will be a hard task, there are so many services:

Great work till now! I will appreciate any improvements much!


My Fiverr Skill Test Experience

I’m not sure they have any control over what is in the tests since they seem to use a different company/site for the tests.The tests also seem a bit focused on particular programs too.

At least you were able to try it and if you aren’t successful on any tests you are still able to re-do the test up to 3 times in a 3 month period.


@uk1000, I think I actually agree with that. First, you will totally forget questions and won’t be able to know what you will expect. And it’s so with other platforms too. :wink:


If you did remember questions at least you’d be increasing your knowledge each time you took the test. I assume the position of the answers are randomized in the list to reduce the chance of cheating. In theory, having a list of a lot more questions than actually show up in the test should help keep the test fair too, eg. it could pick a certain amount of questions randomly (or as many as you can do) from a huge amount of questions (more than anyone could do).


Wow :exclamation: ,interesting now buyers get more good quality product.


IMO, I most hate against 9to5 work and test/examination in my life.
so allow me to say Thanks but no thanks.

fiverr please fix your bugs first, only roll out new features.
You should learn walk before you could run.


So Fiverr wish to keep it’s sellers busy :slight_smile:

Ohh man, we hated test in school.
Let’s see!